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Steel Industry

Steel Industry

Steel industry is energy intensive, requiring large amount of electrical energy as well as heat energy through use of fossil fuels. In most of the furnaces used in the steel making process, some amount of heat energy will be lost to the atmosphere through flue gases. Typically, 20-25% of the input energy is lost through exhaust flue gas. It is common in many of the steel manufacturing facilities to recover the heat that is lost to the atmosphere and use it for process heating or power generation.

However in many plants, the heat energy lost through flue gase from electric arc furnaces(EAF) is not recovered. Typically, the eaxhaust as from an electric arc furnace will be at 900°C and the thermal energy lost to the atmosphere would be 8000KWth for a 50 ton electric arc furnace. By installing our ORC power system, it is possible to recover upto  2MW of electrical energy using this heat with a 50% duty cycle.

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