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Fouling in Heat Exchangers
Fouling is the accumulation of unwanted material on solid surfaces of heat exchanger tubes affecting the heat transfer.

Main Features
  • Obviates the need for Physical Cleaning of Heat exchangers
  • Reduces Cleaning and Maintenance cost
  • Reduces Frequent planned and unplanned shut downs
  • Reduces capital cost of exchangers as the same can be designed for lower fouling resistance
  • Easy and Faster to implement Very short pay back period

  • CAVITATION inside and out side the tubes disturb the boundary layer and the foulant film.
  • CAVITATION bubbles burst on the tube surface removing the foulant.
  • CAVITATION is created by propagation of sound waves.
  • CAVITATION strength is precisely designed as per the fluid characteristics and foulant.
  • CAVITATION is a Physical phenomenon occurring in Liquids when the static pressure is reduced below the liquid vapour pressure.
  • CAVITATION is created by propagation of sound waves in Liquid media through alternating Compression and rarefaction.
  • CAVITATION strength is determined by wave length of sound.


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